71 Awesome 7 Second Challenge Ideas

Have you been looking for 7-second challenge questions to ask? This article contains a list of 7 second challenge ideas.

What is the 7 Seconds Challenge?

A 7-second challenge is a popular internet challenge that requires a person to complete a task in under seven seconds.

The 7-second challenge is popular because unlike other fun challenges, it easy, cheap and can be played anywhere; House parties, hangout with friends, school, detention, bridal showers.

The only problem with the 7-second challenge is that you can quickly run out of seven-second challenge ideas; things to do under seven seconds.

To solve this issue, I have compiled a list of interesting seven-second challenge ideas. Not all the listed ideas can easily be completed within 7 seconds. Where is the fun if there are only easy seven seconds ideas?


List of 7 Second Challenge Ideas

7-second challenge ideas

  1. Counting 1-10 in another language.
  2. Sing the Alphabets Backward.
  3. Change your hair to a ponytail?
  4. Name 5 breeds of dogs in 7 seconds.
  5. Lick the tip of your elbow.
  6. Paint one of your fingernails.
  7. Touching all the walls in the house.
  8. Place your foot over your head.
  9. Draw the picture of your pet dog
  10. Run up and down the stairs.
  11. Brush your teeth
  12. Touch your feet with your elbows.
  13. Recite a poem about a disappointing ice cream.
  14. Take off one sock.
  15. Kiss every finger separately.
  16. Kiss your last toenail.
  17. Come up with a website name for an oyster breeding company not using “oyster” or “breeding”!
  18. Deck yourself with 10 firecrackers, light them up stand upright as they explode
  19. Spell your name using body gestures
  20. What is 1900 in Roman Numerals?
  21. Perform the death of Ceaser!
  22. Invent a challenge and do it.
  23. Say something offensive to a dog.
  24. Make a dog bark.
  25. Spell your name while doing push-ups.
  26. Explain the awful truth about nipples.
  27. Take off your socks off and wear them inside out.
  28. Eat a full packet of Tic Tac.
  29. Drink a glass of water and sing while doing it.
  30. Recite the 5 times table backwards starting at 10.
  31. Name 5 countries in the EU.
  32. Apply lipstick on your lips without using your hands.
  33. Mention 5 songs from any Grammy winner.
  34. Mimic a perfect cat eye.
  35. Order a pizza in 7 seconds.
  36. Roughen up your bed and remake it.
  37. Put on a jacket and button it up.
  38. Do a rap session in 7 seconds.
  39. Invent a new word and define it.
  40. Apply nail polish to five fingers.
  41. Do a perfect face makeup.
  42. Take a beautiful picture while standing on your head.
  43. Repeat “She sells sea shells on the sea shore’ with no mistakes.
  44. Make a total stranger laugh on the telephone.
  45. Chop a whole onion in nice pieces for cooking.
  46. Drink 5 shots of an alcohol beverage.
  47. Solve a riddle.
  48. Write down your name backwards.
  49. Do a perfect braiding of your hair.
  50. Apply lipstick to your lips without smudges.
  51. Tie your hair in a perfect ponytail.
  52. Add mascara to both eyes with no mistakes.
  53. Stand on your head away from the wall.
  54. Do a perfect handstand with no help.
  55. Grab a bean with chopsticks.
  56. Hop on one leg for 20 meters.
  57. Eat a whole medium sized hamburger.
  58. Do 10 standard pushups.
  59. Do 5 fingertip pushups.
  60. Name all the known planets.
  61. Name 5 past US presidents.
  62. Name 5 Spanish Names.
  63. Name 5 Marvel Movies.
  64. Jump and touch the ceiling.
  65. Slap yourself in the face with both hands as many times as you can in 7 seconds.
  66. Warn a deaf person of fire in the building.
  67. Make 5 animal sounds.
  68. Name all the chess pieces
  69. Kiss someone’s feet
  70. Mention five cities outside your continent
  71.  Name disciples of Jesus Christ

If you have any interesting 7-second idea to add to the list, tell me in the comment section.

Have fun!