7 Funny Challenges to do with Friends

If you are looking for funny challenges to do with friends, you are in the right place.

Life is too short to compete all the time. You compete for jobs, an apartment, attention, and basically every other thing. So, when you’re taking viral challenges with your friends, at least take the funny and hilarious challenges.

Challenges don’t always have to be about competition or finding a winner to crown. Sometimes, it is about having a good time and laughing as hard as possible. The following are funny challenges to do with loved ones. For all of these challenges, you are going to need a great sense of humor because you are going to spend a lot of time laughing at yourself and others. If you are ready to be entertained, take these funny challenges with your loved ones:

Funny Challenges to do with Friends

The following are a list of funny viral challenges you can do with loved ones. Also, you should record videos of these challenges and post them on YouTube or any other social media network.

Funny Challenges to do with Friends

7. The Straight Arm Challenge

The ‘straight arm challenge’ is a fun challenge that broke out late 2017. The challenge itself is straightforward, all you have to do is drink from a bottle without bending your arm. Simple huh? Not so much. Think about it, to maintain a straight arm, you have to keep your elbows straight and then hold the drink over your head. Nine out of ten times, you will probably end up pouring the drink over your face. Here is a compilation video of the Straight Arm Challenge:

What You Need:

  • A straight arm
  • A bottle of liquid content.

6. Cotton Ball Challenge

The cotton ball challenge involves cotton balls and blindfolds. The blindfolded contestant is going to attempt to spoon cotton balls in a bowl onto a plate that has been placed on his or her head. What’s hilarious about this challenge is that cotton balls weigh almost nothing. This means that when you are blindfolded it can be difficult to tell if you are actually carrying any cotton balls at all. Therefore, you get to watch as your friends wildly gesture in the air with empty spoons. Cue the laughter. According to the rules of the challenge, the person who has the most cotton balls at the end of the challenge wins. See how funny this video is:

What You Need:

  • Cotton balls

5. The Whipped Cream Challenge

What is so funny about the whipped cream challenge is that you know that it is inevitable that you are going to get hit in the face with a handful of whipped cream. Why is that? Well, it is all thanks to a game known as Pie Face. You’ve got a place to put your face and directly in front of it, you have a toy palm that you have to douse in whipped cream. There is a dial that you have to spin that will let you know how many times you have to crank the hand up. The further you crank it up, the closer it moves to someone’s face. Ultimately, someone is going to end up with a face smeared with whipped cream. See how these two manage it:

What You Need:

  • Pie Face Game
  • Whipped cream

4. Bean Boozled Challenge

You expect a bit of a surprise with jelly beans but not one quite like this. Here, you’ve got all of those delicious flavors that you know and love so well. However, these jelly beans also have their evil twin – candies that look just like them but taste absolutely horrible. For this challenge, you and a friend need to pick identical jelly beans. Then, you have to both try them out at the same time. The person who gets saved from tasty the nasty flavored jelly beans wins that round. It is awesome to see the ridiculous looks on people’s face when they get stinky skunk flavored jelly beans. See this fun example here:

What You Need:

  • Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

3. Roast Yourself Challenge

So it’s easy enough to roast other people, not to mention funny. But what if you were tasked with roasting yourself? Well, then that becomes a whole lot funnier to do. Especially if you’ve got a big audience that agrees with you! Now, most people choose to do this song in rap or song. If you don’t want to put your musical skills to the test as well, just think of some funny or annoying things that you do and have a standup comedy show. The person with the funniest material wins the challenge. Are you and your friends up to it? See popular YouTuber Lily Singh give herself a hard time:

What You Need:

  • A sense of humor

2. Not My Legs Challenge

It is going to be very difficult not to laugh during the Not my Legs challenge. To play the not my legs challenge, one of you will be the top half of the body and the second person will be the other half of the body. There are three categories that you have to enact – Storytelling, Stretching, and Dancing. The top half and the bottom half have to be as in sync as possible to make it happen. You are still going to have some hilarious results, however. The best team wins the challenge. These two are really good at this challenge:

What You Need:

  • A partner

1. The Accent Challenge

If you have ever tried an accent that is not your own, you know just how disastrous the results can be. Well, why not have friends join in the fun.

There are pretty much two ways you can do the accent challenge. The first can be that you write a bunch of accents from different countries on pieces of paper and choose one. It is up to you whether or not your friends know the accent. If you don’t want them to know what it is, then they have to guess. Otherwise, you can all give it a try and laugh out loud at how ridiculous you sound. These guys had a tough time with it:

What You Need:

  • Knowledge of foreign accents

So, there you have it a collection of the funniest challenges imaginable. So next time you hang with friends and you need fun stuff to do, take these funny challenges!